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My Colonial Home Fantasy | February 17, 2011

First and foremost, I am a fickle character. One moment of fantasy could lead me to a boudoir with a heavy black chandelier dangling from the ceiling, a humongous, plump, black velvet bed with a baroque headboard against a magenta wall. While another other moment, I saw myself letting go at, admiring the lovely Colonial furniture and worshipping the numerous rugs and cushions (especially those teal and beige cushions…tsk tsk!).

What is exactly a Colonial design?

Colonial theme is derived from the simple livelihood the early Americans had gone through. Their simple and practical in design is a stark contrast from the Baroque fashion the Europeans were indulging in.

Quoted “Colonial furnishings consisted of rough furniture, handmade and plain. The floors were wood planks or packed dirt with rag rugs thrown on top to keep the dust down and the cold out. A stone fireplace was the hub of the home. It was relied upon for warmth and light as well as for cooking food and drying weather-soaked cloths.”

Of course as time passed by, the Colonial furniture are influenced by French, Spanish, Dutch styles and the details get more charming with cultural infusions.

Anyhow, look here!!! My top picks for inspirations (five, and not more!):

Oh myyyyyyyyyyy...the elegance!

Understated characted!

Robbin's egg blue and gold. Not stirling, but gilding!

Am not sure of this at first..but I love the carved table and the walls of the fireplace.

Are you giddy yet? Seems that this living area has too many details going on.


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  1. Congrats on the new blog and the new home!.. I can so relate to your colonial concept!.. Let’s go shopping together!..

    Comment by Ain Friday — February 17, 2011 @ 9:41 AM

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