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Living Room I | February 26, 2011

Concept: Classy

I’ve been surfing for days, maybe weeks, and browsing through magazines one after another for the perfect colour palette for our future home. Call me obsessed,but I’d like to feel proud of choosing and providing the ideas should my home turn out well eventually. I mean, yes we can all call the interior designers and let them do their job – do everything for us. However,where is the satisfaction in that?

Anyway,as you can see from the above, I love everything I see in this living room: from the crystal chandeliers, to the brown/ochre sofa and arm chairs, and dark French side table. All if them seem to complement each other in terms of colour or style and look fantastic with the marbled floor.

However, I think for starters, I should start small – due to budget constraints and also, not overdoing my family room with too many decorations from the start. I can foresee that I will be adding more things to my home in future! Hahaha! I’ll be pleased to settle for less first as per the picture below.

Concept: Simply white

I absolutely love the sofa set and although the house is stark white, and arguably boring, it’s a superb way to create an illusion of a larger space. I can do without the amoire and fireplace (come on, in SG? Who am I kidding?), but the coffee table is a must-have! It’s got so much character, however dated it may look. It looks beautiful beside the smart armchair and sofa. Absolutely love this look!


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