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Cook: Beefy Cheese Melts Spring Rolls | September 29, 2011

Well hello! This evening, I had some time on my hand and decided to make some delicious spring rolls!


As the name suggests, these beefy cheese melts are made of beef and are cheesy. As cheesy as you want them to be! It’s my own recipe so it’s suited to my taste. Feel free to change according to your tastebud or scale the ingredients to larger portions.

Ingredients (makes about 18 spring rolls)

150 gm minced beef (or chicken if you like)
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
A pinch of sugar
100 gm grated Parmesan (more if you wish)
18 pcs of flour paper/spring roll pastry
A small bowl of water
Oil for frying

1. Heat oil in the pan on a high.

2. In a mixing bowl, mix the minced meat, black pepper, salt and sugar together. I used a spoon, but mashing with hands is the way to go!


3. Next, pour in your cheeses (mozzarella for that chewy, gooey effect…phwarrrr!!!) and your spring roll fillings are ready!



Folding the spring roll

A. Take a piece of flour paper, place a tablespoon full of filling onto one of the corners as in the picture.



B. Bring the edge of the paper over to cover the filling so that you will create a triangle.


C. Roll the paper forward a little and fold both the right and left sides such that it looks like an envelope.


D. Lastly, dip your fingers in the bowl
of water and wet the corners before you roll forward to seal.



4. Bring down the heat to medium and fry the spring rolls till they become golden.


Voila! And you’re done! Try some and tell me how you’ve done!


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