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He fasts but does not pray | July 23, 2012

This is a good reminder to every Muslim.


Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, rahimahu Allah, replied:

The fasting of one who abandons prayer is incorrect and is not accepted. This is because the one who abandons prayer is a disbeliever and apostate based on the verse, ‘But if they repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, then they are your brothers in religion’ [9:11] and the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him), ‘Verily, between a person and shirk and kufr is the abandonment of the prayer’ [Muslim, 82] and ‘The covenant that distinguishes between us and them is the prayer, and whoever neglects it has disbelieved.’ [Al-Tirmidhi, 2621].

And because this is the saying [belief] of the majority of the Sahabah, if not a consensus amongst them. Abdullah bin Shaqiq, one of the foremost tabi’een (pious predecessors), said: ‘The companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not consider the leaving of any action as disbelief except for prayer”. Based…

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