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About Me

This website is dedicated to my wonderful husband (lovingly called BB) for he is born in the month of June and pearls and roses are his birth gem and flower. I set up this site with the idea to share my cooking, baking and crafting experiences (not many,I can guarantee) with everyone.

Honestly, when nobody’s looking, I love watching youtube cooking and baking videos, keeping in mind to try each and every one of the recipe I’ve watched (OMG…they all look so delicious!!!). But of course, that didn’t happen. Hahaha! Nonetheless, I’ve vowed to continue to be energetic about cooking, baking and picking up the skills to at least be the numero uno chef when BB and I get our own pad (which is just recently). However, at this moment we are still wonderfully settled with my awesome mother-in-law (henceforth called MIL), who has graciously also allowed me into the kitchen and more often than not, closed one eye at the typhoon-of-a-mess I had created. Regardless, thank you MIL. I love you! And how can I not thank the man who had gone through the sufferings, tasting and finishing up the dishes that I’ve cooked??? I love you too many,many BB!!!

Besides cooking and baking, I also indulge myself with another favourite pastime (if I have any left) – arts and crafts. And that includes scrapbooking! Yeah!!! Thankfully, after getting married, my mom has graciously kept my art materials that are unsightly (think dripping paint tubes, spotty rags and dirty, nasty paint brushes) in my old abode. I know she’s praying that I would take them back after getting a place of our own.

So from time to time, I may post my arts and crafts, however ugly they may end up. I have an affinity with fabrics and wood. I have probably done tons of sewing but I have not accounted any before. So I thought it would be good to start now, right? Also, I may post ideas and inspirations for my soon-to-be beautiful home, which you readers can comment on or drop a few thoughts. I would love to hear them!

And finally, may I thank you for visiting my site. It’s an honour to have you share my world.

Yours truly,

EDITED: Hey all! I’ve been busy with our new home and certainly, doing a lot of random food blogging and new sights. Still, I hope you will find my blog entertaining to read and hope my poss can be useful to you! x lala



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