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Amazing Turkey

February 3, 2014
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My husband and I went to Turkey last December. It was just beautiful.



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Land Of The Rising Sun

June 15, 2013

Konichiwa everyone! I just came back from the land where the most polite people on earth reside. I also got to see the grand Mt. Fuji up close!

20130615-092219.jpgI got some Japanese Befco (Beika Frontier Company) crackers for souvenirs and google translate them if anyone is doubtful of the ingredients.

20130615-092430.jpgFrom left to right, the flavours are green tea, sesame, cheese and curry.

Below, I have listed the respective ingredients:

Befco Green Tea: NON-HALAL
Non-glutinous rice (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, soy sauce (including wheat, soybean), sugar, brewing seasoning, seaweed, mirin, pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), modified starch, seasoning (amino acids).

Befco Sesame:
Wheat, soybean (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce, starch, sesame, honey, brewing seasoning, wheat germ, pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), modified starch, seasoning non-glutinous rice (amino acids), caramel color, fragrance.

Befco Cheese:
Soy, condensed milk powder, yeast extract powder, seasoning (amino acids), fragrance (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, sugar, cheese powder, cheese, butter powder, salt, protein hydrolyzate non-glutinous rice, paprika pigment.

Befco Curry: NON-HALAL
(Including wheat, soy, chicken, pork) (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, sugar, salt, spices, meat extract powder, (including milk, soy) protein hydrolyzate, cheese powder, flavor non-glutinous rice (including wheat, soybean) oil, seasoning (amino acids), spice extract, coloring (carotenoid-turmeric), acidulant, flavoring.

I hope this post is useful for those who are looking for the ingredients of such Japanese crackers.

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013!

December 31, 2012
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Wow, back from my (long) hiatus – I did nothing, actually. Heh. So many things happened in 2012 and I must highlight the two best. The first is that I have officially joined the teaching force (after, well, so very long) (Alhamdulillah!). The second is that I finally got a chance to travel to Europe (big thanks to the husband, who took me along on his work trip). I’m a happy and blessed girl, I know!

I bid 2012 farewell (ah, the world didn’t end) and welcome 2013 with open arms! It seems compulsory to make new year resolutions so here is mine:

1. To be a better Muslim (and human being);
2. To be a better wife (actually kind of a moot as No.1 over-rides everything);
3. To be a better teacher;
4. To learn more and retain information better; and
4. To travel (some more).

Now, let’s hear yours!

Meanwhile, here are some traveling pictures to share!

20121231-110823.jpgThe beautiful village of Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany.

20121231-110831.jpgMy first time seeing snow!

20121231-110837.jpgThe tower for romantics, Paris.

I wish all of you had a wonderful 2012 too. So, go sit back and eat 12 sweet grapes as you wait for the clock to strike midnight tonight wherever you are!

Happy new year!

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