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18th of Ramadan

August 8, 2012
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I’ve finally bought fairy lights for the balcony at home! Now, I am in a festive mood as Eid is approaching. But still, we are going through the essence of Ramadan. I’ve been a lot busier these past 2 weeks, but am getting really excited. I even managed to bake cookies!




Fall Decorations

October 5, 2011

I’ve read so much about fall colours and everyone in the upper section of the globe are excited about the changes in the leaves, transitions in the weather and hence, their activities. And last week also, I finally visited the newest kid on Orchard Road, ie. H&M flagship store and most clothes are in “fall” colours (think burnt orange, magenta, plum, off white, camel etc). So, I googled a little and surfed other’s blogs to check some decoration ideas. Whoa! And there sure are a lot!

From HGTV, I present to you:







First – I really adore the fruits and candles with lentils! Yeah, you can make your centerpieces cheap and interesting! If it’s relevant to this side of the world (we’re at the Equator), I bet it would feel super autumn when you close your curtains/blinds, turn up the AC and have a jazzy fall party with pumpkins, candles and friends! And strings of silver pearl beads!

Second – love the acorns in coffee cups and the silver charger plates!

Third – similar to the second picture, this one has got white pumpkins and bronzy/copper accessories! Makes you think of Xmas too right?

Fourth – I love the plum napkin and table runner! Plums and deep purples, where are you this fall???

Fifth – this is my favourite today: a mix of burnt colours with something blue!

Last – autumn leaves, urns, candle holders and rattans, with a touch of class in the form of crystal glasses!

You know darn well I would love to do a show-and-tell for tablescaping and cooking/baking. But right now, the new home is in a mess (really!). Let’s hope I’ll get to start decorating by the end of next week yar! *cross fingers*

I hope wherever you are, happy decorating your homes and have a good fall (as in the season :))!


October 3, 2011
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I’m doing makeup for my friend and the company he’s with. Too funny! It’s a geisha look, based on Michelle Phan’s YouTube tutorial video. Here are some shots:





I think geisha is a beautiful art. It’s meticulous and full of details from the preparations for makeup to the actions of a true geisha.

I think they can be an inspiration if you decide to throw a Japanese themed party. Here are my inspirations of such an event:





Cherry blossom motives, pastel lanterns, parasol picks, sushi and…

red heart lips!

Candy Buffet Jars

September 27, 2011

Hey! I’m wondering if anyone could inform me just where can I find these candy jars that we see on the candy buffet spreads at weddings and parties.

The last, very long time ago, I checked, there were some sold at a shop in Angsana, JB. I can’t seem to find them now or on eBay either.

Pretty, aren’t they? I think anyone can use them at home on the coffee table.




Tablescape Monday

September 26, 2011
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Wow! WP app is a little different after the most recent update with font format. But I should be getting used to this soon.

So good morning and a happy Monday to you! Thanks for dropping by! I return this week starting with one of my favourite topic, tablescaping!

Yup, I was browsing through eBay listings for table napkins after being inspired by the cover on the latest House Beautiful issue that looks like…

I don’t know about you but I was blissfully fed with beautiful wares in lavender/eggplant/lime/sage! Whoa!!!

Hence, I am determined to make that tablescape as an inspiration for future gatherings at my place, for both friends and families!

The following photo which I had randomly taken online reminds me of Ain and her white dining wooden buddies.
I saw similar glasses on eBay which sells for less than $30 for a set of 6 including shipping from the US. However, I thought I should check out Mustafa Centre for more quaint, gothic, sickly purple glasses and hopefully, at a lower price too.

Below, yellow/white/red arrangement for small gathering with the chicken napkin holder as centerpiece. I absolutely love the placemats – ink pressed, I reckon. They are the bomb now. Saw some on Etsy, but those are ink-pressed coasters. And look at how the host added a personal touch with the white napkins! He or she took the time to fold them in the shape of a crane!

The next picture is perfect for some festive gatherings. What a luxurious spread right!
I adore the teal/seafoam blue/blue-gray/white tablescaping! I think the hanging ornaments on the chandelier take centre stage here. Note to self: need plain, ivory dinnerware. They are a classic!

What yellow flowers are theses??? They look brilliant here, cheering up the table besides the coral tablerunner.
Tablescape in purple/green. Love the colours but not quite sure if the wine glasses go on well with plastic wares. What’s your take on this?
Okay, saving the best for last! Royal blue flutes take the spotlight! I’m a sucker for blue/white combinations now!

Okay more pictures later! I’m meeting Ain for lunch today! Whoop whoop!!!

EDITED: Those yellow flowers are called yellow dendrobium orchids, thanks to my friend, Zat (@zatiman).

Living Room II

June 12, 2011
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A quick post – would keep this as an inspiration for the living room. I adore the armchair and the dark (teak?) wooden furniture. Love with a capital L!

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Laminate Wood

March 23, 2011
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I have done a quick search on laminate wood for flooring and come up with three of my favourite colours, as follows:


Supreme Classic Midnight Cherry

Robina Frontier Oak

Pergo Pine

Obviously folks, when you choose the flooring material,  you have to think of the furniture that will match with it. I am toying of the idea of using the first swatch – Midnight Cherry by the brand Supreme. I might be looking at say S$3.20 psf (quick calculation shows that it will be approximately S$3.2K for the whole house)?

That aside, like I mentioned before, I have to think of the theme that the house/living area/room is going to be. I want to create a larger area, but this choice of colour might be restrictive, i.e. I might have to choose light-coloured furniture and walls. And that is sad, because I have wanted this gorgeous, walnut leather sofa I saw many months back, and also paint my walls in Red Buff (ICI Dulux). Tricky.

Pergo’s Pine (in the 3rd swatch) might be a better option in this case. But (there’s always a but…) it is still weird to have sandy-coloured flooring with dark furniture. I can’t imagine. How does the Western world do it? We need whites, loads of them. Then it’ll be very IKEA.

Check out Robina’s Frontier Oak. The prominent woodgrains make me feel as if I’m erecting the house right from a newly-sawn tree! The tone is more neutral, than yellow (like Pine) or red (Cherry). Imagine an ivory sheepskin on this floor! Would love that!


Sheepskin on Wood

What are your thoughts?


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Oh Martha…

March 22, 2011
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When I clicked on Martha Stewart’s Home & Garden, I definitely did not miss the Bold “Spring is Here” caption. For the rest of you fellas out there, SG is a titchy red dot near the equator and there is no season, except for the durian season.

So hello Spring-elsewhere-but-here! I firmly believe if one can’t dress for the season, one’s home surely can! So Spring, I welcome thee, with soft greens and peony pinks!

And Martha, oh Martha.. What lovely peridot armchair u have here!


J’adore! And what could be more charming than a pink folding screen with ferns. C’est tres chic!


Above, see the complementing Cinderella blue and brown bedspread, and stripes and florals cushions. Too pretty! Ooooh I can hear the birds singing already!

What a wonderful start to my Tuesday! Thank you, Martha!

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Kitchen I

March 19, 2011
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I’m awaiting for my analysis to complete and decide to do a research on kitchen floorings – the pros and cons – so that I can make an informed decision for mine.

Has anyone done a research before hand prior to deciding on kitchen flooring? I would like to hear suggestions because I do not intend to utilize the same flooring material for my kitchen as the rest of the house. If you have had, could you kindly give me your thoughts on the your kitchen flooring.

What I have here are excerpts from Ezin Articles, explaining some of the popular flooring options for the kitchen.

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Living Room I

February 26, 2011
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Concept: Classy

I’ve been surfing for days, maybe weeks, and browsing through magazines one after another for the perfect colour palette for our future home. Call me obsessed,but I’d like to feel proud of choosing and providing the ideas should my home turn out well eventually. I mean, yes we can all call the interior designers and let them do their job – do everything for us. However,where is the satisfaction in that?

Anyway,as you can see from the above, I love everything I see in this living room: from the crystal chandeliers, to the brown/ochre sofa and arm chairs, and dark French side table. All if them seem to complement each other in terms of colour or style and look fantastic with the marbled floor.

However, I think for starters, I should start small – due to budget constraints and also, not overdoing my family room with too many decorations from the start. I can foresee that I will be adding more things to my home in future! Hahaha! I’ll be pleased to settle for less first as per the picture below.

Concept: Simply white

I absolutely love the sofa set and although the house is stark white, and arguably boring, it’s a superb way to create an illusion of a larger space. I can do without the amoire and fireplace (come on, in SG? Who am I kidding?), but the coffee table is a must-have! It’s got so much character, however dated it may look. It looks beautiful beside the smart armchair and sofa. Absolutely love this look!

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