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September 7, 2012
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Hello again everyone! Eid (the celebration after 30 days of fasting) had come and will be going soon. There had been a lot of merry making and cleaning up. It had been fantastic, although I wish we had done a lot more visiting.

Here are some pictures to share.

20120907-105846.jpgLights Up in Geylang, Singapore

20120907-105916.jpgNew cushion covers

20120907-105929.jpgLast day of Ramadan

20120907-105942.jpgFestive Goodies in Tulip Jars (made those covers myself)

20120907-110003.jpgMy husband’s nephew in a Malay costume

20120907-110028.jpgAngry birds in my noodle soup

20120907-110127.jpgChocolate Chip cookies

You can imagine all the excess fat I lost during the fasting month is back on within a few days. And it continues to weekly. Gasp!


18th of Ramadan

August 8, 2012
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I’ve finally bought fairy lights for the balcony at home! Now, I am in a festive mood as Eid is approaching. But still, we are going through the essence of Ramadan. I’ve been a lot busier these past 2 weeks, but am getting really excited. I even managed to bake cookies!



Tablescape Monday

September 26, 2011
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Wow! WP app is a little different after the most recent update with font format. But I should be getting used to this soon.

So good morning and a happy Monday to you! Thanks for dropping by! I return this week starting with one of my favourite topic, tablescaping!

Yup, I was browsing through eBay listings for table napkins after being inspired by the cover on the latest House Beautiful issue that looks like…

I don’t know about you but I was blissfully fed with beautiful wares in lavender/eggplant/lime/sage! Whoa!!!

Hence, I am determined to make that tablescape as an inspiration for future gatherings at my place, for both friends and families!

The following photo which I had randomly taken online reminds me of Ain and her white dining wooden buddies.
I saw similar glasses on eBay which sells for less than $30 for a set of 6 including shipping from the US. However, I thought I should check out Mustafa Centre for more quaint, gothic, sickly purple glasses and hopefully, at a lower price too.

Below, yellow/white/red arrangement for small gathering with the chicken napkin holder as centerpiece. I absolutely love the placemats – ink pressed, I reckon. They are the bomb now. Saw some on Etsy, but those are ink-pressed coasters. And look at how the host added a personal touch with the white napkins! He or she took the time to fold them in the shape of a crane!

The next picture is perfect for some festive gatherings. What a luxurious spread right!
I adore the teal/seafoam blue/blue-gray/white tablescaping! I think the hanging ornaments on the chandelier take centre stage here. Note to self: need plain, ivory dinnerware. They are a classic!

What yellow flowers are theses??? They look brilliant here, cheering up the table besides the coral tablerunner.
Tablescape in purple/green. Love the colours but not quite sure if the wine glasses go on well with plastic wares. What’s your take on this?
Okay, saving the best for last! Royal blue flutes take the spotlight! I’m a sucker for blue/white combinations now!

Okay more pictures later! I’m meeting Ain for lunch today! Whoop whoop!!!

EDITED: Those yellow flowers are called yellow dendrobium orchids, thanks to my friend, Zat (@zatiman).

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