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Land Of The Rising Sun

June 15, 2013

Konichiwa everyone! I just came back from the land where the most polite people on earth reside. I also got to see the grand Mt. Fuji up close!

20130615-092219.jpgI got some Japanese Befco (Beika Frontier Company) crackers for souvenirs and google translate them if anyone is doubtful of the ingredients.

20130615-092430.jpgFrom left to right, the flavours are green tea, sesame, cheese and curry.

Below, I have listed the respective ingredients:

Befco Green Tea: NON-HALAL
Non-glutinous rice (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, soy sauce (including wheat, soybean), sugar, brewing seasoning, seaweed, mirin, pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), modified starch, seasoning (amino acids).

Befco Sesame:
Wheat, soybean (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce, starch, sesame, honey, brewing seasoning, wheat germ, pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), modified starch, seasoning non-glutinous rice (amino acids), caramel color, fragrance.

Befco Cheese:
Soy, condensed milk powder, yeast extract powder, seasoning (amino acids), fragrance (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, sugar, cheese powder, cheese, butter powder, salt, protein hydrolyzate non-glutinous rice, paprika pigment.

Befco Curry: NON-HALAL
(Including wheat, soy, chicken, pork) (produced in the U.S., domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, sugar, salt, spices, meat extract powder, (including milk, soy) protein hydrolyzate, cheese powder, flavor non-glutinous rice (including wheat, soybean) oil, seasoning (amino acids), spice extract, coloring (carotenoid-turmeric), acidulant, flavoring.

I hope this post is useful for those who are looking for the ingredients of such Japanese crackers.


3rd of Ramadan

July 23, 2012
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It’s 6:04 am here as I speak. I usually do not say awake this early (I have not been since the past 1 year after leaving The Office). I stir up usually later, enough to prepare my husband for work. Ye God, you think a grown man can’t do things on his own? Nah, you’re probably right. But some like being coddled. I like to think mine does. Hehehe…

Anyway, my first post on Ramadan this year seemed feeble and superficial. I mean, what was I thinking?? Ramadan is just about food and its preparation? I had a good thought about it earlier this morning as I did some washing. I was looking at a pot of gravy with two nuggets of potato. I contemplated if I should throw away those potatoes – they had been 2 days old, re-heated to their cores 4 or 5 times – as well as the gravy and clean up the stove. In my situation, I think nothing of those potatoes; I was too full to eat the last two morsels for sahur and if I throw them away, that would cost me close to naught, probably 5 cents. You can’t buy anything for that amount of money nowadays. Not even a trip to the public washroom. I was filling up my waste basket anyway and on the prowl, looking for things to throw just because. I then recalled I had thrown away a plate of macaroni and half a cup of bubble tea (my living drug) last night because somebody (me) didn’t finish up her meal and left them to mature. Back to the potatoes; in some other part of the world, there are people who have no food or get none. What would they give for that two nuggets, I don’t know. I probably won’t want to know. So many people have no access to drinking water, draughts or floods prevent them from having more fruits than they can enjoy, high cost of living caused them to beg on the streets, bad (bad, bad !!!) governments cause poor standard of living, mayhems due to bombings and killings and the list goes on. I think it’s time to hold back and think of wasting none, or less. Afterall, this is what Ramadan is about. To empathize with those less fortunate – feel their hunger and thirst, appreciate the luxury around us, reflect on our actions and of course, our spiritual practices.

I’ve honestly wasted a ton of food, and I reckon, there might be more if I don’t finish up the leftovers in the fridge when I still can. If you have the same situation of me, I urge you to reflect the same. Even if you don’t celebrate or practice fasting in Ramadan.

I’m not going to post what I had for break fast yesterday. I think the thought of wasting consumed me that I feel quite upset now.

Ramadan Kareem (Have a generous Ramadan), God’s will!

Vintage Deli Cafe

February 17, 2011
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I hadn’t thought of posting this earlier but since I’m resuming blogging, why don’t I also give my review of the cafes and eateries that I patronize. So here goes my first cafe/food review.

Last Friday night,I finally got a chance to meet one of my bestfriends (yes,I have more than one bf..we are like a sisterhood of traveling jinxers) in Bugis (what makes you think there was shopping involved?!).

But yarrr,we did shop for my beautiful dress from Future State. Ain informed me there was a quaint cafe with all things vintage along Bussorah Street, which she didn’t recall the name.

I was, of course,excited (what else?) and looked all around until our eyes spotted (really!) a pretty cafe opposite of Amirah’s Grill. From outside,we could see checkered upholstery, floral English teacups and shabby chic decor.

We were greeted by a very friendly face,whom I later found out was one of the owners’ son. As I looked around,the rest of the patrons were happily settled and chatted at ease as if the small cafe were their regular hangout. I won’t be surprised if it was true.

I perused the menu. Delighted to find they have both light and heavy meals. And get this,weight watchers: there are even healthy meals available.

Ain and I decided to go for the combo A,which consists of a homemade mushroom soup, a salad, a pot of honeydew tea and a tiramisu. All these for $14.90.

Since we were sharing,we also got ourselves a super platter,which were modified to suit our weight watching interest. Hahaha!!!

Boy,were we wowed by the service he provided us with. Our soup came piping hot and really delicious (he said it’s non-Campbell). The salad was big for the two of us. The tea was divine.

The super platter consisted of breaded fish,potato wedges,calamari rings and mushroom. Oily food but tasted good!!

Our desert came last and it wasn’t disappointing at all! The espresso filled bottom third of the ice cream glass with a layer of sponge cake in between it and ice cream. Bitter sweet hot and cold. had one of the most memorable dinner since. Was glad we chose to look for this cafe instead of settling for the norm around Arab Street area.

We’ll be coming back!

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