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18th of Ramadan

August 8, 2012
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I’ve finally bought fairy lights for the balcony at home! Now, I am in a festive mood as Eid is approaching. But still, we are going through the essence of Ramadan. I’ve been a lot busier these past 2 weeks, but am getting really excited. I even managed to bake cookies!




3rd of Ramadan

July 23, 2012
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It’s 6:04 am here as I speak. I usually do not say awake this early (I have not been since the past 1 year after leaving The Office). I stir up usually later, enough to prepare my husband for work. Ye God, you think a grown man can’t do things on his own? Nah, you’re probably right. But some like being coddled. I like to think mine does. Hehehe…

Anyway, my first post on Ramadan this year seemed feeble and superficial. I mean, what was I thinking?? Ramadan is just about food and its preparation? I had a good thought about it earlier this morning as I did some washing. I was looking at a pot of gravy with two nuggets of potato. I contemplated if I should throw away those potatoes – they had been 2 days old, re-heated to their cores 4 or 5 times – as well as the gravy and clean up the stove. In my situation, I think nothing of those potatoes; I was too full to eat the last two morsels for sahur and if I throw them away, that would cost me close to naught, probably 5 cents. You can’t buy anything for that amount of money nowadays. Not even a trip to the public washroom. I was filling up my waste basket anyway and on the prowl, looking for things to throw just because. I then recalled I had thrown away a plate of macaroni and half a cup of bubble tea (my living drug) last night because somebody (me) didn’t finish up her meal and left them to mature. Back to the potatoes; in some other part of the world, there are people who have no food or get none. What would they give for that two nuggets, I don’t know. I probably won’t want to know. So many people have no access to drinking water, draughts or floods prevent them from having more fruits than they can enjoy, high cost of living caused them to beg on the streets, bad (bad, bad !!!) governments cause poor standard of living, mayhems due to bombings and killings and the list goes on. I think it’s time to hold back and think of wasting none, or less. Afterall, this is what Ramadan is about. To empathize with those less fortunate – feel their hunger and thirst, appreciate the luxury around us, reflect on our actions and of course, our spiritual practices.

I’ve honestly wasted a ton of food, and I reckon, there might be more if I don’t finish up the leftovers in the fridge when I still can. If you have the same situation of me, I urge you to reflect the same. Even if you don’t celebrate or practice fasting in Ramadan.

I’m not going to post what I had for break fast yesterday. I think the thought of wasting consumed me that I feel quite upset now.

Ramadan Kareem (Have a generous Ramadan), God’s will!

1st Ramadan in Our Home

July 22, 2012
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Yesterday in Singapore, it was the first day of the Muslims’ fasting month, Ramadan. I was delighted that the first day fell on a Saturday. It was my husband and mine’s first day to perform fasting in our own house. It was such a big deal for myself, yet not so much for the husband. I begged him to let us eat at home (not outside, not at my MIL’s even). I had created a menu for this month so that I won’t panic and would know what to cook (I’m a planner…I don’t embrace uncertainties well). :/

As planned, I had cooked a sweet treat called agar-agar gudir (palm sugar and coconut jelly) and butter chicken, thinking that we could get some garlic & cheese naans (Indian bread) outside. The latter didn’t happen because we were in a rush to get my MIL a ceiling fan. So when we got back, the only bread that was available was the square sandwich bread. Since I still have a garlic sesame paste, I used this to spread on a few bread squares and popped them into the oven for a few minutes. I thought everything was going well until breaking fast came and my teeth got stuck in the bread. Uh huh… You guess it! The bread was too-unbelievably-hard. Husband looked at me and I him. So he suggested to soak them in the butter chicken gravy. Hahaha! We had some biryani rice, which we bought, while waiting for the bread to soak up.

So, the bottom line is…no matter how much one plans on doing things, sometimes by the law of averages (and God’s will), things won’t go quite as expected. Like how I’ve set the alarm at 5am for this whole month, yet only to be woken up 20 minutes later today by my husband because the alarm didn’t ring (I did not select the days for it to continue ringing). There was no time to cook – panic mode – but thankfully, we had some leftovers given by my MIL yesteray which I had time to re-heat before sahur (pre-dawn breakfast before a fast begins) was over.

Today, I don’t think I’ll be cooking a main meal as we’re thinking I crashing my MIL’s iftar (gathering to break the fast). I might, however, make some dessert again. I’ll let you know later. 😀

Our breaking of fast meal at home

We had a little surprise later last night. My husband’s cousin’s wife, Beatrix, baked us this lovely Red Velvet Cake with a Madagascar theme, bless her! It was the most delicious without anything overpowering. 🙂


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Dinner Today

November 29, 2011
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This is so random, but my dad came over today and I thought why not I cook.

We’re having a feast,of sort! Just the two of us. Yea!


Tom Yum Seafood Soup


Fried Saba

Sweet and Sour Eggplant

What are you guys having for dinner?

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Cook: Beef Meatballs

October 11, 2011
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Yesterday, someone had asked for the recipe for the easiest and speediest meatball-making recipe using an oven. I hope they really are! 🙂




150g minced beef
2 slices of white bread
1 egg
Italian herbs

1. Preset oven at 180 degC.

2. Beat egg in a bowl. Tear the bread into small crumbs and let them soak in the egg mixture.

3. Add minced beef, pepper, salt and Italian herbs to your taste, and mash the mixture with your hand.

4. Scoop a round tablespoon of the mashed beef mixture and mould it with your palms and fingers.

5. Line the balls on a baking tray. Cook in the oven for about 20 mins.

They make about approximately 20 bite-sized balls. You don’t have to butter or oil the base of the tray because the balls will be cooked in their own fats! Yummmmmmmm!!!

I think you can fry them as well (I haven’t tried). I reckon you’ll have to fry them in a scoop pan, filled shallow with cooking oil. In this way, you’ll be cooking half sides first, so your beef balls won’t likely to fall apart.

For awesomeness to the next level, cook some mean tomato pasta sauce and have an awesome meatball pasta meal! Yummos!!!!

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Fall Decorations

October 5, 2011

I’ve read so much about fall colours and everyone in the upper section of the globe are excited about the changes in the leaves, transitions in the weather and hence, their activities. And last week also, I finally visited the newest kid on Orchard Road, ie. H&M flagship store and most clothes are in “fall” colours (think burnt orange, magenta, plum, off white, camel etc). So, I googled a little and surfed other’s blogs to check some decoration ideas. Whoa! And there sure are a lot!

From HGTV, I present to you:







First – I really adore the fruits and candles with lentils! Yeah, you can make your centerpieces cheap and interesting! If it’s relevant to this side of the world (we’re at the Equator), I bet it would feel super autumn when you close your curtains/blinds, turn up the AC and have a jazzy fall party with pumpkins, candles and friends! And strings of silver pearl beads!

Second – love the acorns in coffee cups and the silver charger plates!

Third – similar to the second picture, this one has got white pumpkins and bronzy/copper accessories! Makes you think of Xmas too right?

Fourth – I love the plum napkin and table runner! Plums and deep purples, where are you this fall???

Fifth – this is my favourite today: a mix of burnt colours with something blue!

Last – autumn leaves, urns, candle holders and rattans, with a touch of class in the form of crystal glasses!

You know darn well I would love to do a show-and-tell for tablescaping and cooking/baking. But right now, the new home is in a mess (really!). Let’s hope I’ll get to start decorating by the end of next week yar! *cross fingers*

I hope wherever you are, happy decorating your homes and have a good fall (as in the season :))!

Kitchen II

September 30, 2011
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Hi guys! I’m back at reporting the well-being of our new house. A quick update, all’s fine and now we have started working on the installation f our kitchen cabinets with the help of my uncle.

We have gotten the Stat cabinets and other materials from Ikea, but due to the added cost, we are engaging someone else other than Ikea’s subcon to do the installation.

Stat door.
Skeletons of the base cabinets.
We shall see and judge.

Billy, My Makeshift Kitchen

September 27, 2011

Nothing much. Maybe you’ve even seen this. I would like to dedicate a page to Ikea’s Billy study table that I have adopted (from Ain) as my makeshift kitchen.

Yup, all my cookings and bakings are done on this sturdy fellow. God bless, Billy! #giving thanks 🙂


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Tablescape Monday

September 26, 2011
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Wow! WP app is a little different after the most recent update with font format. But I should be getting used to this soon.

So good morning and a happy Monday to you! Thanks for dropping by! I return this week starting with one of my favourite topic, tablescaping!

Yup, I was browsing through eBay listings for table napkins after being inspired by the cover on the latest House Beautiful issue that looks like…

I don’t know about you but I was blissfully fed with beautiful wares in lavender/eggplant/lime/sage! Whoa!!!

Hence, I am determined to make that tablescape as an inspiration for future gatherings at my place, for both friends and families!

The following photo which I had randomly taken online reminds me of Ain and her white dining wooden buddies.
I saw similar glasses on eBay which sells for less than $30 for a set of 6 including shipping from the US. However, I thought I should check out Mustafa Centre for more quaint, gothic, sickly purple glasses and hopefully, at a lower price too.

Below, yellow/white/red arrangement for small gathering with the chicken napkin holder as centerpiece. I absolutely love the placemats – ink pressed, I reckon. They are the bomb now. Saw some on Etsy, but those are ink-pressed coasters. And look at how the host added a personal touch with the white napkins! He or she took the time to fold them in the shape of a crane!

The next picture is perfect for some festive gatherings. What a luxurious spread right!
I adore the teal/seafoam blue/blue-gray/white tablescaping! I think the hanging ornaments on the chandelier take centre stage here. Note to self: need plain, ivory dinnerware. They are a classic!

What yellow flowers are theses??? They look brilliant here, cheering up the table besides the coral tablerunner.
Tablescape in purple/green. Love the colours but not quite sure if the wine glasses go on well with plastic wares. What’s your take on this?
Okay, saving the best for last! Royal blue flutes take the spotlight! I’m a sucker for blue/white combinations now!

Okay more pictures later! I’m meeting Ain for lunch today! Whoop whoop!!!

EDITED: Those yellow flowers are called yellow dendrobium orchids, thanks to my friend, Zat (@zatiman).

Home Renovation Part I

May 31, 2011
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While waiting for my hydraulic analysis to complete (it’s at 90% now), I decided to post some pictures taken of the on-going renovation in my love nest.

20110531-105847.jpg My balcony tiles!

20110531-105951.jpg Kitchen tiles done half-way (because we had a power trip due to HDB’s carelessness)

20110531-110115.jpg My duck egg walls!

20110531-110215.jpg Raised curb at the door

The tiles are from Soo Bee Huat. And the duck egg walls are from Nippon Paint in Mountain Dew. Now, to get matching shoes to go along with my walls! Hehehe!!!

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