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February 24, 2011
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For years, I have entertained the thoughts of saving up for my desired brand of vintage demi-tasses (small teacups, half the size of the usual tea or coffee cups available), Royal Albert. Or rather, particularly the Midnight Rose, as illustrated below.

Midnight Rose by Royal Albert

The most popular range is of course the Old Country Roses, which is very, very gorgeous with golden rims! So delicate, these china demi-tasses and the dinnerware set can set you aback at over S$1000 for a 20-piece set. It’s little luxury, which I have yet to own and/or save up for.

Old Country Roses

I love the Midnight Roses more than anything because of it’s unique, three-toned blue roses that just screams LUXURY! I love the shape of the demi-tasses. For Moonlight Rose,as well as the Old Country Roses, they are made of the Brigadoon pattern (circa 1950’s, if I am not wrong) and identified by a curve towards the bottom of each cup.

There are other shapes as well such as the Doris, Grandma, Gainsborough and Chelsea, just to name a few. These pattern may include a smaller or wider cup mouth, shape or base. Whichever series they may be, I feel the Royal Albert teacups will always be the most elegant among all. Yes, even the dainty Wedgewood teacups served at the Ritz Carlton do not stand a chance.

100 Years Celebration

In celebration of Royal Albert’s 100 years producing the fine collection, the teacups shown above are sold in sets of 5 in various patterns dating as far as the 1900’s to 1940’s. Guess the Mad Hatter would approve of these beauties on his party table yarrr?


Vintage Deli Cafe

February 17, 2011
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I hadn’t thought of posting this earlier but since I’m resuming blogging, why don’t I also give my review of the cafes and eateries that I patronize. So here goes my first cafe/food review.

Last Friday night,I finally got a chance to meet one of my bestfriends (yes,I have more than one bf..we are like a sisterhood of traveling jinxers) in Bugis (what makes you think there was shopping involved?!).

But yarrr,we did shop for my beautiful dress from Future State. Ain informed me there was a quaint cafe with all things vintage along Bussorah Street, which she didn’t recall the name.

I was, of course,excited (what else?) and looked all around until our eyes spotted (really!) a pretty cafe opposite of Amirah’s Grill. From outside,we could see checkered upholstery, floral English teacups and shabby chic decor.

We were greeted by a very friendly face,whom I later found out was one of the owners’ son. As I looked around,the rest of the patrons were happily settled and chatted at ease as if the small cafe were their regular hangout. I won’t be surprised if it was true.

I perused the menu. Delighted to find they have both light and heavy meals. And get this,weight watchers: there are even healthy meals available.

Ain and I decided to go for the combo A,which consists of a homemade mushroom soup, a salad, a pot of honeydew tea and a tiramisu. All these for $14.90.

Since we were sharing,we also got ourselves a super platter,which were modified to suit our weight watching interest. Hahaha!!!

Boy,were we wowed by the service he provided us with. Our soup came piping hot and really delicious (he said it’s non-Campbell). The salad was big for the two of us. The tea was divine.

The super platter consisted of breaded fish,potato wedges,calamari rings and mushroom. Oily food but tasted good!!

Our desert came last and it wasn’t disappointing at all! The espresso filled bottom third of the ice cream glass with a layer of sponge cake in between it and ice cream. Bitter sweet hot and cold. had one of the most memorable dinner since. Was glad we chose to look for this cafe instead of settling for the norm around Arab Street area.

We’ll be coming back!

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